OFF Grid

Off Grid Solutions

System Description:

Off-grid Solar Systems – often referred to as Stand-alone power systems (SAPS) – work by generating electricity from solar panels and using it to charge a solar battery via a charger controller. That electricity is then converted using an inverter so that it can power your home or business appliances.

By storing the electricity in a solar battery, it is possible to run your home exclusively from solar energy, even at night or during times when there is less than optimal sun exposure.

An off-grid system is not connected

to the electricity grid and therefore requires battery storage. An off-grid solar system must be designed appropriately so that it will generate enough power throughout the year and have enough battery capacity to meet the home’s requirements, even in the depths of winter when there is less sunlight.

The high cost of batteries and inverters means off-grid systems are much more expensive than on-grid systems and so are usually only needed in more remote areas that are far from any electricity grid. However battery costs are reducing rapidly, so there is now a growing market for off-grid solar battery systems even in cities and towns.



  • Could replace home-power backup 800-1000watt inverter.
  • Saves around 90-110units of electricity per month, spent on ordinary inverter
  • Reduces electricity bill.
  • Customized design.
  • Provision to charge battery by power line during rainy days.
  • Power Backup up to 4 to 5 hours in full load.
  • Customer can choose brand, type and number of batteries.